Operating While Intoxicated/OWI/DUI/OUIL Third Offense: Oakland County

Drunk Driving Lawyer - MichiganCharge (Count 1): Operating While Intoxicated/OWI/DUI/OUIL (Third Offense)
Felony: Imprisonment for not less than 1 year or more than 5 years or probation with imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 30 days or more than 1 year and community service for not less than 60 days or more than 180 days, and a fine of not less than $500.00 or more than $5,000.00
Charge (Counts 2 & 3): Driving While License Suspended (Misdemeanor)/Speeding (Civil Infraction)
Court: Oakland County Circuit Court
Disposition: Plea bargain, dismissal of Speeding and DWLS, guilty to OWI III and No Ops. 60 days work release with probation, community service and substance abuse treatment per PA511.
Note: “PA511″ refers to Public Act 511, which is also known as the Michigan Community Corrections Act. PA511 offers an alternative to long-term incarceration for non-violent offenders in the form of rehabilitative services while addressing the needs of protecting the public and punishing the offender.